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Evidence-Based Medicine, Evidence-Based Religion

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is an evidence-based religion by Alan B. Sanderson, MD George Washington died in 1799 of an upper respiratory infection, which he most probably would have survived if not for three doctors sending … Continue reading

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The Whole Personal Protective Equipment of God

Judgment, humility, righteousness, virtue, praise — I will think about all of these things when I put on my PPE. The next time you are in a hospital or clinic, maybe you will too. by Alan B. Sanderson, MD The … Continue reading

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Grandma’s Hands: The Story of a Frontier Midwife

Grandma’s hands show us our potential to become better than we are, and give us inspiration to rise to that potential. by Alan Sanderson, MD This week we celebrate Pioneer Day in Utah, commemorating the entry of the first wagon … Continue reading

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What is Pain?

The emotion of guilt is very similar to the sensation of physical pain, and serves a similar purpose. by Alan B. Sanderson, MD Pain is a subject that pretty much everyone has some experience with. We have been experiencing pain … Continue reading

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Where is the Office for EGO Processing?

A humble doctor can be just as capable and skilled as a proud doctor, and can have just as much confidence in his own ability, but his meekness makes him able to accept correction and acknowledge his own mistakes, and … Continue reading

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Simultaneously on Both Sides of the Veil

I wrote a guest blog post at my brother’s website, which went live this morning. It is a discussion of the use of chiasmus in Elder Dale G. Renlund’s April 2018 General Conference talk. Elder Renlund told a remarkable story … Continue reading

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Dr. Sanderson’s Miracle Insomnia CURE!

Learn about the groundbreaking new method that has helped ONE PERSON overcome sleep-onset insomnia! by Alan B. Sanderson, MD Sleep is a fascinating topic for geeks like me. It turns out that scientists don’t have a satisfactory answer to the … Continue reading

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Confidence in Our Special Knowledge

Just as a physician develops special skills and knowledge through years of apprenticeship, all of us can become disciples of the Savior and be recipients of special light and knowledge. by Rand Colbert, MD A few days before graduation, my … Continue reading

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The Crescent Moon

Remembering Christie Perkins by Alan Sanderson, MD On a cold morning a few months ago I walked from my car at the end of the parking lot to my office. I passed by the cancer clinic and the outpatient infusion … Continue reading

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Medical Marijuana

I remain cautiously optimistic that cannabidiol will someday become another weapon in our arsenal of anti-seizure drugs, but we are not there yet. by Alan Sanderson, MD As a follow-on from my previous post about alternative medicine, I want to … Continue reading

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