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I am a medical doctor, trail runner, and musician.

5 Things About the Human Body

The human body is a marvel of design, one of God’s greatest gifts to his children, and a gift that keeps on giving. by Alan B. Sanderson, MD Our Creator has given us instructions about how to take care of … Continue reading

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Questions in the Book of Mormon

Awareness of the use of questions in the Book of Mormon aids the understanding of several passages, and provides a model for effective use of questions in gospel teaching. by Alan B. Sanderson, MD A few months ago I was … Continue reading

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Questions in the Book of Mormon: Supplementary Materials

This page contains supplementary materials for “Questions in the Book of Mormon.” Please see the other post for more information.

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Is There Something Wrong?

A story of love, service, and mental illness by Alan B. Sanderson, MD My family moved a lot when I was a kid, but the hardest move for me was the one before my senior year of high school. I … Continue reading

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Rebranding Latter-day Doctor

This website is not about me or for me; it is for and about the Lord. by Alan B. Sanderson, MD For the past four years this blog has been known as “,” but it is time to move on … Continue reading

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Evidence-Based Medicine, Evidence-Based Religion

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is an evidence-based religion by Alan B. Sanderson, MD George Washington died in 1799 of an upper respiratory infection, which he most probably would have survived if not for three doctors sending … Continue reading

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The Whole Personal Protective Equipment of God

Judgment, humility, righteousness, virtue, praise — I will think about all of these things when I put on my PPE. The next time you are in a hospital or clinic, maybe you will too. by Alan B. Sanderson, MD The … Continue reading

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